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Bus rental for sports clubs

Minibus rental for sports clubs

Sports Clubs

We dedicate a part of our resources to the bus rental service with driver for soccer teams, volleyball teams, basket teams and Sports clubs in general.  Our customers mainly come from L’Aquila, Teramo, Pescara, Chieti and Ancona, considering both the city and the nearby areas.

Our fleet of vehicles can transport small groups of athlets such as amateur soccer teams but also larger groups such as rugby clubs (up to 55 seats). We will  select the best bus depending on the number of people and if necessary, we will offer also an additional bus for fans and relatives to assure high flexibility of travel in all situations.

Our skilled drivers operate respecting safety standards but  the standards of Iseco too. If the transfer is particularly long we will employ  two expert drivers. This and other measures allow us to reduce road risks; it is also for this reason if we have achieved the ISO 39001 certification.

All the equipment and luggage you need

Moving for an away match, a retreat or to attend a soccer match means taking with you a set of luggage and equipment characterized by  a certain weight and value. Baloons, bags, obstacles, tunics, flags, computers: we are able to place everything you need in the large storage spaces on both sides of the bus (up to 8 cubic meters).

During the trip, athlets can also enjoy their free time resting on reclining seats, watching a movie or listening to music thanks to audio-video devices available on board. Iseco offers all you need to reach your destination on time, without any unexpected events  and in total relaxation.

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